Molly Ang

Executive Director, Compensation & Benefits

With 80% of Seagate’s headcount in Asia Pacific, Molly Ang holds the position of Executive Director for Compensation and Benefits within the region. Based in Singapore, Molly is in charge of heading up all the compensation and benefit, review, develop and implement C&B strategy/programs in support of company’s strategy. It involves integrating and leveraging C&B policies and programs for the entire Asia Pacific.


Molly has more than 20 years of broad Human Resource experience both as a Consultant and Practitioner, such as Staffing, Performance Management, Union, Mobility and Compensation & benefits. Worked in various industries, such as consultancy, retail, engineering, heavy equipment, Hi-tech in software and manufacturing in Singapore and Indonesia.


Molly holds an MBA from the University of Southern Illinois, Carbondale in Management and Finance and a Bachelor of Science in Management and minor in Economics also from the University of Southern Illinois, Carbondale. She is a certified Targeted Selection Interviewer with DDI.