Gurunath Hari

Founder and Principal
Emineo Pursuits®

Gurunath Hari is an author, Keynote speaker, facilitator. His book, The 6 Dimensions: Overcome Presenteeism,  is a current Amazon International Bestseller. He is the inventor of the term Peakism© that was first published in Dec 15/12 edition of the HRM Magazine, Singapore.

Hari has 30 years of corporate experience, 14 of which was in healthcare. He partnered with respected academicians like Prof. Sir Cary Cooper- the inventor of the term Presenteeism, and scientists in the US, UK and Canada to build a robust framework that measures presenteeism and employee holistic wellness. Adopting his path-breaking EASY© Methodology can deliver insights and help promote Peakism© and reverse the high cost of presenteeism