Employee Health & Wellness Congress 2017
Addressing the Challenges on Creating a Sustainable and Healthy Workforce

24 - 25 May 2017 | Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Employee Health & Wellness Congress 2017

Singapore’s premier event dedicated on Employee Health and Wellness
12+ sessions on employee health and wellness best practices and strategies
2 day post - conference masterclass for additional learning and networking opportunities
From increasing productivity and engagement to lowering attrition, absenteeism and medical costs; employee health and wellness programs play an essential role in creating a productive and high-performing workforce.
At the Employee Health and Wellness Congress 2017, we are gathering top HR practitioners as well as service providers to discuss the latest trends and best practices in employee health and wellness, the challenges of implementing as well as creative ideas that you can work on to keep employees engaged in the employee health and wellness program.
This 2-day event will also highlight on why employee health and wellness is essential and how it impacts your organisation in the long run. We will also hear from government authorities on what are the role in promoting a healthy workforce, the policies that they have put in place as well as future considerations in creating a healthier workforce in Singapore.
Themes to be explored: 
  • Creating A Culture Of Wellness To Encourage Health Accountability Among The Workforce, And Gain Buy-In From All Stakeholders
  • Increasing Engagement And Productivity, And Lowering Medical Costs And Absenteeism Through Health And Wellness Programs
  • Exploring Best Practices And Trends to Ensure the Implementation of Meaningful and Impactful Programs that Drive Business Results
Conference highlights: 
  • The Must attend Employee Health and Wellness event in Singapore 
  • 12+ sessions on  employee health and wellness best practices and strategies
  • 15+ senior HR practitioner speakers from leading companies across industries
  • Interactive roundtable discussions –learn from and network with your peers
  • 2 Day post conference masterclass –for in depth learning on employee  health and wellness program strategies and ROI measurement methodologies

Featured Speakers

Featured Speakers

Gary Lee
Chief HR Specialist, Global... Grundfos Read More
Tarun Gulrajani
Head of HR REHAU Pte Ltd Read More
Sandeep Girotra
Head of HR – APAC DaVita Healthcare Read More
Alexander Yap
Global Rewards Director UTAC Read More
Dr Gan Siok Lin
Executive Director, Workplace... Ministry of Manpower Read More
Johan G van Vuuren
Director, People & Culture... Dimension Data Asia... Read More
Gan Sow Chat
Asia Pacific Benefits Director Honeywell Read More
Eudora Choo
Vice President – Benefits... Deutsche Bank Read More
Dushyant Ajwani
Director, Compensation and... American Express Read More
Stephanie Tan
HRBP, APAC Fitbit Read More
Jamie Read
Regional Director, Healthcare... Edelman Read More
Patricia Goh
Senior HR Business Leader –... Mastercard Read More
Rosiah Ismail
Head of Human Resources Jamiyah Singapore Read More
Gurunath Hari
Founder and Principal Emineo Pursuits® Read More
Molly Ang
Executive Director,... Seagate Read More
Chetna Singh
APJ Head of Total Rewards SAP Read More
NG Ying Yuan
Executive Director, HR and OD Economic Development... Read More

Sponsors and Partners

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With billions of data points gathered from its Asia based members for over 10 years, Virgin Pulse brings deep insights into employee health challenges in the region and proves the value on investment of strategic wellbeing initiatives.

Organisations today understand that employees cannot be engaged in their work if they show up unhealthy or unwell, physically or mentally.  However, most do not have a health and wellbeing strategy and fewer have executed an effective strategy. Virgin Pulse impacts the entire workforce population to create a culture of health.

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Great Eastern believes in ways to help you and your employees be aware and live a healthy lifestyle.

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Registration and Coffee


Opening Address from HRM Asia


Speed Networking Sessions

Speed networking is a facilitated networking session which allows you to connect and meet new people. Bring plenty of business cards to ensure you make the most of this session


Case Study From FitSAP: A Digital Wellness Initiative at SAP That Has Strategically Tied SAP's Vision of Improving People's Lives and Digital World

  • Understanding how employees’ physical wellness can be enhanced via the concept of Internet of Things
  • Sharing the insights of “What’s in it for me” from employee standpoint
  • Sharing impacts on employee health, employee engagement and business revenue as well as longer-term vision on reducing medical claim ratio
Speaker(s) of this session
Chetna SinghAPJ Head of Total RewardsSAP

Morning Refreshment Break


Measuring ROI and Effectiveness of Employee Health and Wellbeing Program

  • Formulating metrics in evaluating ROI for employee health and wellness initiatives
  • Defining the roadblocks in effectively measuring the ROI of employee health and wellness initiatives 
  • Creating a storytelling approach for evaluation results to get buy-ins from stakeholders
  • Assessing the financial impact of employee health and wellness initiatives
Speaker(s) of this session
Gan Sow ChatAsia Pacific Benefits DirectorHoneywell

Finding the Right Employee Health and Wellness Program for Your Organisation

  • Shifting towards prevention and away from current treatment-centric models
  • Understanding the essential criteria in deciding the right employee health and wellness program for your organisation
  • Deciphering why most organisations fail in their employee health and wellness initiatives
  • Setting main objective of the employee health and wellness program by aligning to organisational goals for more impactful results



Lunch and Networking Break


Panel Discussion: Determining the Criteria of a Successful Employee Health and Wellness Program

  • Analysing external trends and developments related to employee health and wellness that could contribute to the development of health and well-being programmes 
  • Consult ing with stakeholders to identify the health and wellness requirements of employees
  • Analysing the identi ed needs of employees against organisational needs to determine objectives and priorities for the development of programmes
  • Communicating and presenting the objectives of health and wellness programmes to stakeholders to ensure buy-in and support
Speaker(s) of this session
Dushyant AjwaniDirector, Compensation and Benefits – AsiaAmerican Express
Eudora ChooVice President – Benefits Governance (APAC)Deutsche Bank
NG Ying YuanExecutive Director, HR and ODEconomic Development Board

Roundtable Session 1

You have been allocated to a table based on colour assigned to help you  nd your group. Throughout the roundtable session you will stay at your table, while our moderators will move around to cover their speci c topics with each group.

  1. Data Analytics in Employee Health and Wellness
  2. Integrated Healthcare and Wellness Strategy

Lasting 45 minutes each, these roundtable sessions will be a great platform for you to voice your opinions and experiences and ask the questions that are most crucial to you and your organisation. First 30 minutes will be a group discussion with the remaining 15 minutes to present and Q&A session from other groups.

Speaker(s) of this session
Tarun GulrajaniHead of HRREHAU Pte Ltd
Stephanie Tan HRBP, APACFitbit

Roundtable Session 2

You have been allocated to a table based on colour assigned to help you  nd your group. Throughout the roundtable session you will stay at your table, while our moderators will move around to cover their speci c topics with each group.

  1. Data Analytics in Employee Health and Wellness
  2. Integrated Healthcare and Wellness Strategy
Speaker(s) of this session
Tarun GulrajaniHead of HRREHAU Pte Ltd
Stephanie Tan HRBP, APACFitbit

Afternoon Refreshment and Networking Break


Communicating Wellness: The Essentials for Ensuring an Engaged and Healthy Workforce

  • Understanding the role of communications for driving behavioural change and health outcomes
  • Gaining insights on how workplace wellness programs can build trust in organizations internally and externally
  • Setting goals and measuring success of workplace wellness programs
  • Leveraging on digital tools to target, engage to customize the experience for employees
  • Strengthening collaborations between HR and Communications functions for maximum impact


Speaker(s) of this session
Jamie ReadRegional Director, Healthcare SectorEdelman

Benefits of a Holistic Employee Health and Wellness Approach to Your Organisation

  • Interpreting why organisations are implementing employee health and wellbeing programs
  • Understanding the correlation of having a culture of holistic employee health and wellness affect towards higher engagement level
  • Utilising employee health and wellness program as a strategy to reduce operational cost
  • Transforming holistic employee health and wellness program into an effective employer branding tool
Speaker(s) of this session
Johan G van VuurenDirector, People & Culture (AP) Dimension Data Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

End of Day 1


Registration and Coffee


Employee Health and Wellness in Workplace- National Policy and Initiatives

  • Understanding the role of government in promoting healthy workforce
  • Establishing Healthy Workplace Ecosystem to promote health and wellness programs
  • Creating mobile applications to monitor and track health level and progress
  • Recognising the importance of healthy workforce to Singapore economy
  • Understanding how poor health cost everyone – individual, employers and government


Speaker(s) of this session
Dr Gan Siok LinExecutive Director, Workplace Safety and Health InstituteMinistry of Manpower

The Relationship Between High Engagement Level and Healthy Workforce

  • Utilising employee health and wellness program as a tool to create the right environment for productivity
  • Deciphering the symbiotic relationship of employee engagement and employee wellness
  • Delivering a strategy that embraces employee wellness and engagement in a holistic way
  • Promoting healthy workforce as an integral part of development and performance management process
Speaker(s) of this session
Gary LeeChief HR Specialist, Global Talent Development, Group Organisational DevelopmentGrundfos

Morning Refreshment and Networking Break


Employee Wellness Program: The Positive Impact on Employee’s Compensation

  • Implementing incentive based employee health and wellness program to promote a healthier workforce
  • Capturing data on comorbid factors in workers’ compensation claim  les and how that information can be incorporated into effective analytics
  • Understanding comorbidities as the major in uencing factor on workers’ compensation claims
  • Exploring various employee wellness program and employee’s compensation integration models


Speaker(s) of this session
Patricia GohSenior HR Business Leader – Total RewardsMastercard

Building a Culture of Health in the Workplace

  • Understanding that there is no “one size  ts all” approach in building culture of health in the workplace
  • Getting senior leadership endorsement and support towards wellness throughout the organisation
  • Formulating policies that is align with organisational goals and employee wellness
  • Designing health bene ts that focus on prevention and early detection


Speaker(s) of this session
Alexander YapGlobal Rewards DirectorUTAC

Lunch and Networking Break


Leveraging on Technological Innovation in Health and Wellness

  • Understanding how technology innovations is spurring more health and wellness initiatives in organisations
  • Utilising wearable technology to monitor health progress and engagement level to health and wellness programs
  • Investing in wearable technologies and analytics as a tool for critical illness prevention
  • Managing and interpreting data collected from wearable technologies to forecast medical cost and prevention intervention



Formulating Effective Employee Health and Wellness Programmes Implementation Strategies

  • Leading stakeholders in developing action plans for implementing health and well-being programmes 
  • Ensuring that sufficient resources are made available to deliver programmes 
  • Facilitating the implementation of activities and provide support as required
Speaker(s) of this session
Rosiah IsmailHead of Human ResourcesJamiyah Singapore

Afternoon Refreshment and Networking Break


Peakism(R)- Rallying Call to Beat Employee Presenteeism

  • Understanding what is Presenteeism- in clear terms and its economic burden to the corporation
  • Gaining insights from cutting edge science to know the hidden employee-barriers that cause Presenteeism
  • Learning how you can uncover your employees' holistic wellness map using a new, first of its kind tool to see real actionable data
  • Understand to apply the concept of Peakism and the methodology of implementation in your organization.


Speaker(s) of this session
Gurunath HariFounder and PrincipalEmineo Pursuits®

Understanding the Link between Healthy Lifestyle to Healthy Workplace

  • Discussing on how healthy employees provide a positive impact to organisation’s bottom line
  • Leveraging healthy lifestyle as a tool for stress management
  • Re-evaluating work practices and providing employees with resources that support well-being and performance
  • Translating the effects of poor health to your organisation
    • increased employee absenteeism
    • increased disability
    • increased accidents
    • reduced workplace effectiveness
    • negative impacts on work quality or customer service


Speaker(s) of this session
Sandeep GirotraHead of HR – APACDaVita Healthcare

Case Study from Seagate: Improving Employee Productivity and Cost Effectiveness of STX Healthcare program

  • Understanding what Seagate is trying to achieve by implementing a top up plan of Medishield Life and Voluntary Medical Plan
  • Sharing on future plans to improve the STX Medical Plan initiative and achieve further improvement in productivity
  • Discussing on the challenges of implementing a voluntary medical plan and how Seagate overcome these challenges
Speaker(s) of this session
Molly AngExecutive Director, Compensation & BenefitsSeagate

End of Day 2

About the Conference

Recently, we reached out to HR professionals across Singapore to understand the main challenges they have when implementing health and wellness programs. We found some of the common challenges included:
  • A lack of staff giving in full commitment to the programs
  • Lack of buy-in from senior management
  • Difficulty in getting sufficient budget to implement a comprehensive program
  • Struggling to get employees to be accountable for their health
  • Working on demographic diversity and the individual health needs of each demo;
These are a few of many challenges that HR professionals are trying to overcome, in order to ensure the health and wellness programs they aspired to implement did not fall short or waste time or money.
This brings us to the Employee Health and Wellness Congress, taking place 24-25 May. HRM Asia has created this two-day conference to bring together leading HR practitioners who will share their insights and case studies on Creating a Sustainable and Healthy Workforce.


Featured Speakers

Gary Lee
Chief HR Specialist, Global...
Tarun Gulrajani
Head of HR
Sandeep Girotra
Head of HR – APAC
DaVita Healthcare
Alexander Yap
Global Rewards Director
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