Strategic HR Business Partnering Masterclass
HR As A Key Enabler Of Value Creation Through HR Business Partnering

27 - 28 June 2017 | Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

Strategic HR Business Partnering Masterclass

The Masterclass - Learn From The Expert!

In this 2-day Masterclass developed by Darryl Wee, participants will understand and develop the skills needed to be successful HR Business Partner. Participants will have an understanding of how their role as HR Business Partners is essential to an organisation since Human Resource is the most valuable asset. Every HR strategies has to be aligned to organisational goals and it is the responsibilities of a HR Business Partner to build the bridge in linking them both together.

The 2-days are engaging and practical, covering theory, models, international best practice and delegate case studies. The aim is to support delegates to easily apply the models and concepts in their respective areas of business

Darryl Wee
Managing Director, South East Asia
The RBL Group

Darryl has more than 20 years of experience in Business Consulting, Human Resources and Leading Organizational Change. He is currently the Managing Director for The RBL Group, Southeast Asia. Darryl is a dynamic communicator, a strategic thinker, and a change agent who is able to distil complex situations into executable action plans to align the organization to common goals. His specialty areas are in Leadership, Strategic HR and Organizational Transformation.

Some organizations he has worked with includes 3M, AIA, AXA, Allianz, Cathay Paci c, Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Maxis Mobile, Minor International, Prudential, Reuters, Siam Commercial Bank, Singapore Public Service, Telenor and UEM. Darryl holds a Masters of Business Administration from the Rutgers University, a Master of Science from South Bank University, London, a Bachelors of Social Science (Psychology), University of New South Wales and a Graduate Diploma in International Management from the Helsinki School of Economics.

Featured Speakers

Featured Speakers

Darryl Wee
Managing Director, South East... The RBL Group Read More

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Strategic HR Business Partnering Masterclass - Day 01

Value Creation from the Outside-In: 4Q Model

  • EvolutionofHR
  • Whoareourstakeholders?
  • CornerBakeryExercise

HR Competency Study Overview

  • ChangesinHRcompetencymodel
  • Understandingthedomainsandassess- ment activity
  • GlobalandSingaporeHRCSresults

Strategic Positioner: In uencing Business Strategy and Building Competitive Advantage

  • Howisvaluede ned?
  • HowdoweensureHRcanbestrategic?
  • Understandingtrendsanddeterminingits implications on HR

Culture Champion: Organization Capabilities

  • Interaction between strategies & capabilities
  • Capabilities as a competitive advantage
  • Identify critical organizational capabilities for the organization

Human Capital Curator: Aligning HR Systems to Organization

  • How do we align our HR systems to support our organizational capabilities
  • Applicationoftheconcepts

Strategic HR Business Partnering Masterclass - Day 02

Credible Activist: Becoming a Trusted Advisor

  • Howdowebuildcredibility&trust
  • Critical concepts to being a trusted advisor

Navigating Paradox: Strategic Intent and Daily Reality

  • Whatdoesparadoxmean?
  • Howcanwehandleparadox
  • Grouplearning:HandlingcommonHR Paradoxes

Change Champion: Pilot’s Checklist for Change and Application

  • Theknow-dogap
  • IntroductiontothePilot’schecklistto change
  • Assessingchange
  • LeadingChange

Summary of Key Learnings & Next Steps

Must Attend for:

Chief, VPs/Directors/Heads/Managers of:
  • Learning & Development
  • Training, Performance Management
  • Organisational Development, Human Resources
  • Compensation & Benefits • Talent Management
  • HR Business Partners
  • HR Professionals in the midst or planning to move into HR Business Partner role

Business Objectives

  • The value of HR is de ned by key stakeholders outside the function. The first objective is to ensure HR activities are helping the business to create value, compete and win in the mar- ket, and execute strategic priorities. We’ll accomplish this by:
  • Understanding the market context and key factors underpinning industry conditions
  • Identifying how external stakeholders expect the HR function to contribute value

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to align HR strategic objectives to business goals so that value is created
  • Expose HR Professionals to practical tools and models that can be applied to help acceler- ate strategy execution and solve business challenges
  • Respond to HR Competency Study feedback and data in ways that improve functional and individual effectiveness


  • Increased individual competence
  • Increased HR functional impact
  • Deepened understanding of HR strategy and its connection to the business
  • Frameworks and tools that build on global HR best practice
Fee per delegate Launch Rate Until 15 April 2017 Early Bird Rate Until 20 May 2017 Regular Rate After 20 May 2017
HR Practitioner Pricing
2 Day Masterclass S$1,945 +GST S$2,345 +GST S$2,545 +GST

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