Striving Towards Sustainability with Dynamic Rewards Strategies

31 OCT - 1 NOV 2017 | One Farrer Hotel & Spa, Singapore


  • Understanding how the barriers between total rewards and other HR functions are diminishing
  • Implementing comprehensive total rewards strategies based on performance management without rating
  • Exploring on Pay-For-Performance initiatives and understand how it works, the challenges in implementing and whether it is feasible for your organisation
  • Understanding how changes in Performance Management will affect total rewards strategies
  • Understanding the benefits that comes with analytics in total rewards namely understanding the demographics of workforce based on remuneration, the internal trends for forecasting salary budget, the preferences of workforce in terms of rewards for future rewards initiative, simulating situations to determine possible outcome which reduces risk of unexpected cost in rewards just to name a few
  • Able to determine ROI from rewards initiative
  • Able to see a clearer view on the interconnection between total rewards and other HR functions
Themes to be explored: 
  • Driver 1: Best Practices In Total Rewards During Times Of Uncertainty
  • Driver 2: Reimagining the Link between Performance Management and Total Rewards
  • Driver 3: Leveraging on the Power of Data in Total Rewards
Conference highlights: 
  • 16+ extensive and intensive sessions on latest trends in Total Rewards
  • 17+ speakers from various industries
  • Panel discussion sessions as a platform for you to share and hear opinions from your peers
  • Speed networking sessions which allows you to connect and meet new peers in the industry

Featured Speakers

Featured Speakers

Mayur Chaturvedi
Regional Associate Director C... Zimmer Pte Ltd Read More
Lynn Lee Soon Lan
Senior Executive Manager Great Eastern Read More
Kiranmai Pendyala
CVP - HR, EMEA, APAC and... AMD Read More
Eudora Choo
Vice President – Benefits... Deutsche Bank Read More
Gurunath Hari
Founder and Principal Emineo Pursuits® Read More
Emily Heng
HR Director – APAC NICE Systems Read More
Srikanth Chandrasekhar
HR Director - South East Asia Pall Corporation Read More
Madhumita Banerjee
SVP, Regional Compensation... Bank of America Merrill... Read More
Rob Gosney
Head of Rewards Growth Markets Philips Lighting Read More
Yeo Meng Hin
SVP Human Resources APAC DHL Global Forwarding Read More
Sandeep Girotra
Head of HR – APAC DaVita Healthcare Read More
Thomas Farmer
Owner and Founder Freelance Total Rewards... Read More
Vishal Bansal
Asst Lead, Compensation &... Mediacorp Read More
Jaslyn Koh
Head of Rewards Thomson Reuters Read More
Chua Chia Yei
COE Lead, Total Rewards Luxasia Read More
Daniel Kusmanto
Global Head, HR Analytics ASM Read More

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Registration and Morning Coffee


Opening Address from HRM Asia

Speaker(s) of this session
Gurunath HariFounder and PrincipalEmineo Pursuits®

Speed Networking Session

Speed networking is a facilitated networking session which allows you to connect and meet new people. Bring plenty of business cards to ensure you make the most of this session.


Pay for Talent Value: A Forward-looking Pay Approach and a New Pay Matrix

The traditional salary review matrix links raises to backward-looking performance ratings. How can we better link salary adjustments to future talent value? How do we ensure retention of those we feel are the company’s best bets? What can we learn from value investors, in the context of investing in talent?

You will learn how to link the salary increase to future-looking talent value, whether or not you use ratings.
Speaker(s) of this session
Thomas FarmerOwner and FounderFreelance Total Rewards Pte Ltd

Benefits@Worksite Programme, Live Great Programme for Corporate, Exclusive Lifestyle Products and Discounts

Speaker(s) of this session
Lynn Lee Soon Lan Senior Executive ManagerGreat Eastern

Morning Refreshment and Networking Break


[Panel Discussion] Creating a Dynamic Total Rewards Plan That Is Relevant To the Market

  • Incorporating broad range of monetary and non-monetary rewards to cater to different needs of multi-generational workforce
  • Moving towards cost of living adjustments instead of annual salary increments
  • Introducing flexible benefits as a tool to retain talent
  • Understand the importance of having a dynamic Total Rewards plan to stay competitive in the market
Speaker(s) of this session
Thomas FarmerOwner and FounderFreelance Total Rewards Pte Ltd
Mayur Chaturvedi Regional Associate Director C&B, AP cum HR ASEAN & India Zimmer Pte Ltd
Emily HengHR Director – APACNICE Systems
Vishal BansalAsst Lead, Compensation & BenefitsMediacorp

Lunch and Networking Break


Rewarding Employees during Economic Uncertainty

  • Ensuring that tighter reward strategies do not demotivate key talent 
  • Focusing on Pay-for-Performance to manage cost pressures and retain key talent 
  • Innovating strategies to boost engagement level of workforce during the downturn 
  • Reinforcing strategies to manage the majority of the workforce who are not high performers yet essential to the organization
Speaker(s) of this session
Sandeep GirotraHead of HR – APACDaVita Healthcare

[Panel Discussion] Increasing Employee Engagement and Performance through Total Rewards

  • Understand the importance of involving all employees in the development, implementation and revision of rewards program
  • Discussing on best practices in increasing employee engagement through Total Rewards
  • Empowering instant gratification to motivate and increase employee engagement level
  • Distributing rewards based on continuous reinforcement schedule to encourage learning a new task
  • Changing rewards frequently to keep employees motivated
Speaker(s) of this session
Gurunath HariFounder and PrincipalEmineo Pursuits®
Kiranmai PendyalaCVP - HR, EMEA, APAC and Greater ChinaAMD
Eudora ChooVice President – Benefits Governance (APAC)Deutsche Bank
Jaslyn KohHead of RewardsThomson Reuters

Afternoon Break and Networking Session


Employee Value Proposition: Key to Getting and Keeping the Best

  • Pinpointing on how Employee Value Proposition helps in finding and keeping the best talent 
  • Discussing on the key practices in getting the right Employee Value Proposition right for your organisation?
  • Comprehending on the benefits and importance of branding Employee Value Proposition?
  • Taking a deep dive into understanding the needs of the workforce in establishing solid Employee Value Proposition
Speaker(s) of this session
Kiranmai PendyalaCVP - HR, EMEA, APAC and Greater ChinaAMD

Pay-For-Performance at Work

  • Cultivating pay-for-performance culture within your organisation as a strategy to boost productivity
  • Establishing pay point and clear KPIs to determine rewards for each KPIs achieved
  • Understanding the shortfall of Pay-For-Performance and how it could impact your organisation
  • Gaining insights on the importance of assessing the maturity level of your workforce before implementing Pay-For-Performance
Speaker(s) of this session
Chua Chia YeiCOE Lead, Total RewardsLuxasia

End of Conference Day One


Registration and Coffee


Total Rewards Harmonization in Mergers and Acquisitions

There have been a number of mergers and acquisitions in the region across different sectors. There are more mergers and acquisitions on the horizon leaving compensation and benefits managers and directors as well as other HR roles asking what to expect and are they are equipped to handle mergers and acquisitions. Join this session and hear a snapshot of what to expect during a merger or acquisition. Hear more on the challenges in Total Rewards harmonisation between two or more different entities, who are the stakeholders involved as well as their role and the importance of effective communication and collaboration to strive for common objectives that fits everyone.

Speaker(s) of this session
Vishal BansalAsst Lead, Compensation & BenefitsMediacorp

Taking Employee Experience into Total Rewards Strategy

  • Establishing the close relation between Total Rewards and Employee Experience
  • Using multiple communication strategies to improve perception about rewards in the digital age
  • Creating a unique employee experience to bring reward, recognition and organizational values to life


Speaker(s) of this session
Jaslyn KohHead of RewardsThomson Reuters

Morning Refreshment and Networking Break


Panel Discussion: Performance Management Revamped: What are the Repercussions on Total Rewards?

The focus of performance management is going through a major shift and is more on providing grow and learning opportunities to the employees. The link between performance management, learning, and development, talent management as well as total rewards has never been closer. What are the challenges to the C&B practitioners is establishing strategies that align with other functions in HR? What is the skill sets needed to collaborate well with peers from other functions and find the best solution that fits the common goal? 

Speaker(s) of this session
Srikanth ChandrasekharHR Director - South East Asia Pall Corporation
Yeo Meng HinSVP Human Resources APACDHL Global Forwarding
Madhumita BanerjeeSVP, Regional Compensation & Benefits, APACBank of America Merrill Lynch
Thomas FarmerOwner and FounderFreelance Total Rewards Pte Ltd

Lunch and Networking Break


Communicating Rewards – Understanding How Reward Initiatives Are Perceived By Employees And Why This Is Crucial

  • Discussing on the importance of managing expectations of your workforce especially during economic downturn
  • Promoting the importance of effective communication from all stakeholders for a more transparent and holistic total rewards strategy
  • Ensuring your employees value the competitiveness of your Employee Value Proposition in relation to the market
Speaker(s) of this session
Madhumita BanerjeeSVP, Regional Compensation & Benefits, APACBank of America Merrill Lynch

Short Term Incentives – Strategies in Incentivising for Short Term Goals

  • Keeping talent motivated without making structural changes to your pay and bonus scales
  • Examining alternatives to cash incentives that maintains the level of productivity of your workforce
  • Setting short term KPIs that aligns with organisational long term strategies
Speaker(s) of this session
Rob GosneyHead of Rewards Growth MarketsPhilips Lighting

Afternoon Refreshment and Networking Break


Incorporating Employee Health and Wellness into Total Rewards Strategy

  • Understanding the benefits of implementing Employee Health and Wellness into Total Rewards strategy
  • Incorporating employee wellness related benefits as part of rewards package
  • Uncovering common health conditions that impact your organisation and implement preventive strategies to create healthier working environment
  • Discussing on methodologies to link Employee Health and Wellness into Total Rewards Strategy
Speaker(s) of this session
Gurunath HariFounder and PrincipalEmineo Pursuits®

Leveraging on Analytics in Total Rewards

  • Embedding the power of data to transform rewards system
  • Optimising Total Rewards based on employee preference through analytics
  • Determining the demographics of your workforce based on rewards as the first step in initiating new rewards strategies
  • Forecasting remuneration budget based on external and internal trends and employee preferences
Speaker(s) of this session
Daniel KusmantoGlobal Head, HR AnalyticsASM

End of Conference

Drastic changes in the demographics of the workforce are adding complexity of HR strategies as millennials has different demands and characteristics compared to the baby boomers. It is changing the way how managers should approach the employees as they tend to prefer instant gratification from their performance and knowing why they are doing it. The millennials also seek for self-development which traditional performance management does not focus on.

Due to economic slowdown, organisations are forced to look for ways to increase productivity without increasing C&B budget. One way would be to increase the engagement level of the employees and performance management is a great tool to achieve this through effective frequent reviews. It is also a great tool to identify area of improvement.

Singapore government is also pushing for a more productive workforce as times is expected to be tough due to economic slowdown. Workforce is advised to develop their skill sets or risk being redundant.

With the technological advancement in performance management software, more and more organisations are looking into embarking tech innovations into their performance management initiative. Performance management software helps in cutting operational cost in the long run not to mention freeing more HR practitioners for more strategic role. More and more of the processes can be automated and it provides more consistency and shorter time in evaluation. 


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