Performance Management Innovation Congress
Embracing the Next Wave of Performance Management Methods

05 - 6 September 2017 | Singapore

Performance Management Innovation Congress

Only two congresses focusing on Employee Performance Management in Singapore for 2017 and ours is one of it
Two full days on Performance Management to provide a better coverage on pressing issues in Performance Management
New list of speakers for a fresher insight in Performance Management best practices

Seven case studies session from SAP, Cargill, UTAC, Thome, Siemens Healthcare, CrimsonLogic, and Cisco for a more comprehensive learning and sharing experience whereby delegates are able to hear real life implemented strategies, the challenges they faced throughout the implementation and how it impacted their organisation

Panel discussion from organisations with different approach on rating system to discuss on the pros and cons of moving away from rating system and determining if it fits your organisation.

Themes to be explored: 
  • Driver 1: Embracing technology integration and innovation in Performance Management
  • Driver 2: Redesigning traditional PM processes to fit the modern workforce
  • Driver 3: Transitioning into performance based culture
Conference highlights: 
  • Extensive speed networking session 
  • Panel discussion session for a more interactive learning and sharing experience 
  • Two day post congress masterclass to complement the congress with step by step methodologies of designing effective performance management strategies with the focus on establishing more frequent reviews and case studies on performance ratings.

Featured Speakers

Featured Speakers

Kiranmai Pendyala
CVP - HR, EMEA, APAC and... AMD Read More
K Thiveanathan
Chief Human Resources Officer UTAC Read More
Sylvia Koh
Chief People Officer CrimsonLogic Read More
Andrew Labute
HR Project Director SAP Read More
Eleana Choy
CHRO Thome Group of Companies Read More
Gary Lee
Chief HR Specialist, Global... Grundfos Read More
Gan Sow Chat
Asia Pacific Benefits Director Honeywell Read More
Eugene Lam
HR Director Kimberley-Clark Read More
Annella Heytens
VP Human Resources APJC Cisco Read More
Sanjeev Kumar
VP – Human Resources Moody’s Corporation Read More
Lim Teck Kiat
Director – Human Resources... Public Service Division Read More
Andrew Labute
HR Project Director SAP Read More
Bala Subramaniam
HR Leader – APAC Twitter Read More
Sureash Kumar
Global Director - Corporate... UTAC Headquarters Pt. Ltd Read More
Bernard Ho
Head of Talent Development and... The Bank of Tokyo-... Read More

Sponsors and Partners

Supporting Organisation

The Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP) is the HR professional body, set up by the tripartite partners: the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF). IHRP is the only HR professional body in Singapore authorised to implement the national HR certification, which is known as the IHRP Certification. IHRP has the goal of setting the HR standards of excellence and enabling human capital development in enterprises. Through the IHRP Certification, IHRP aims to enhance the competencies of HR professionals, as well as create developmental and professional pathways for them. This will professionalise and strengthen the HR profession practice in Singapore, allowing HR professionals to be key enablers in their organisations.



Registration and Coffee


Opening Address from HRM Asia


Speed Networking Sessions

Speed networking is a facilitated networking session which allows you to connect and meet new people. Bring plenty of business cards to ensure you make the most of this session


Case Study from Cisco: Digitalisation of Performance Management – Moving into the Next Wave of Performance Management

  • Unlocking new levels of efficiency in performance management through digitalisation
  • Enabling organisations to move away from biased and subjective people management
  • Pinpointing the challenges of performance management digitalisation
  • Establishing roadmap for successful performance management digitalisation process
Speaker(s) of this session
Annella HeytensVP Human Resources APJCCisco

Morning Refreshment Break


Driving Strategic Decisions with Data in Performance Management

  • Establishing impactful and timely data-driven decisions through analytics in Performance Management
  • Benchmarking with past data for continuous improvement
  • Leveraging on predictive analytics to forecast changes and operational cost in talent management
Speaker(s) of this session
Gan Sow ChatAsia Pacific Benefits DirectorHoneywell

Engage And Perform – Performance Management as a Tool to Increase Engagement Level

  • Establishing the correlation between employee engagement and performance management
  • Best practices on using culture, leadership and reward as levers to drive engagement and     performance
  • Using employee survey feedback to identify the impact of line leadership on engagement
  • Understanding the three drivers of engagement and how are they directly linked to performance management
  • Connection - An employee’s connection to their boss, company and job
  • Recognition - Compensation, appreciation and acknowledgment of achievements
  • Performance - Development, feedback and professional growth
Speaker(s) of this session
Kiranmai PendyalaCVP - HR, EMEA, APAC and Greater ChinaAMD

Lunch and Networking Break


Integrating Performance Management with Talent Management

  • Developing talent management strategies based on employee performance management evaluation
  • Identifying skill gaps and area of improvement through frequent feedback for continuous improvement
  • Hiring talent that fits the characteristics of high performers obtained from performance management data regression
  • Understanding the distinctions between high potential and high performers and integrating the process of identifying and developing HiPOs in performance management
Speaker(s) of this session
Gary LeeChief HR Specialist, Global Talent Development, Group Organisational DevelopmentGrundfos

Equipping Line Managers with the Right Skills for Quality Performance Conversations

  • Entrusting performance management to your managers as a criteria for leadership grooming
  • Empowering managers with right strategies to tackle underperformance employees
  • Introducing customised and high quality coaching conversations for people development
  • Enforcing the emphasis of goal setting and reaching these goals instead of just completing evaluation forms
Speaker(s) of this session
Eugene LamHR DirectorKimberley-Clark

Case Study from Thome: Cultivating High Performance Culture in Employees to Increase Business Productivity

  • Moving from process to culture driven performance management
  • Integrating Core Values and  behaviourial competencies into performance management
  • Creating targeted competencies expectation by job levels
  • Linking individual goal to  strategic plan  to drive company’s performance
Speaker(s) of this session
Eleana ChoyCHROThome Group of Companies

Afternoon Refreshment Break


Leveraging on Technological Innovations in Performance Management to Cut Cost and Increase Efficiency

  • Discussing on the latest trends and innovations on Performance Management in the market
  • Using analytics to identify the best approach of utilising performance management for your organisation
  • Understanding the benefits of automating performance management in your organisation
  • Implementing gamification in performance management as one of the strategies to increase performance and productivity
  • Creating mobile platform for multi-source feedback and continuous feedback to achieve a more comprehensive evaluation

Panel Discussion: Performance Ratings – Should It Stay or Should It Go?

  • Removing annual appraisals and ratings that is increasingly out of sync with your business objectives
  • Exploring best practices in linking rewards system without performance ratings
  • Tailoring different approaches to performance ratings depending on the business environment
  • Discussing on the pros and cons of removing ratings in performance management
Speaker(s) of this session
K ThiveanathanChief Human Resources OfficerUTAC
Lim Teck KiatDirector – Human Resources PolicyPublic Service Division
Andrew LabuteHR Project DirectorSAP
Sanjeev KumarVP – Human ResourcesMoody’s Corporation

End of Day 1


Registration and Coffee


Engaging and Empowering Employees through Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement

  • Successfully leveraging on the capability of every engaged employee
  • Driving sustainable process improvement in performance management through organisational alignment
  • Discussing on the roadblocks of building a culture of continuous improvement in performance management
  • Utilising regular loop feedback to understand areas of improvement

Establishing the Right Performance Management Strategies for Your Organisation

  • Understanding why performance management strategies has to be agile to cope to drastic changing business demands
  • Defining the right KPIs and targets and how it affects productivity of the organisation
  • Revamping the link between performance management and rewards system to retain high performers
  • Pinpointing the different roles of Performance Management to an organisation
  • Improve performance
  • Reduce Cost
  • Minimise Risk
Speaker(s) of this session
Eleana ChoyCHROThome Group of Companies

Morning Refreshment and Networking Break


Case Study from UTAC: Strategic Role of Performance Management Process to Drive Business Results and Employee Engagement

Best practice of UTAC’s experience in launching its global Performance Management Process in a diverse organization with 12,000 employees. It chronicles UTAC’s journey to use performance management process as an enabler to drive business results and also anchor its key people processes.

  • Leveraging on the performance manage process to establish and align organization’s “line of sight”
  • Getting business managers to drive people process and engagement through  performance discussions and dialogues   
  • Establishing  a performance and development culture through coaching, feedback and employee development process
  • Transparent link between performance and reward to differentiate and drive “pay for performance” practices   
  • Performance Management measures, key learning and way forward  
Speaker(s) of this session
Sureash Kumar Global Director - Corporate Talent and Organisational DevelopmentUTAC Headquarters Pt. Ltd

The Journey Towards High Performance Cultured Organisation

  • Establishing key success factors in driving effective transformation
  • Understanding the importance of starting with a vision, strategy and establishing governance at planning stage
  • Embedding continuous improvement model into performance management culture
  • Setting metrics in measuring behaviour and engagement level as part of performance evaluation

Lunch and Networking Break


Measuring the Impact of Performance Management to Your Organisation

  • Examining the impact of performance management processes in meeting organisation goals
  • Establishing measurable goals for talent development and rewards integration
  • Formulating clear success measures for each performance management goals that fits your organisation
  • Collating and evaluating data to justify how effective is your performance management
  • Identifying  areas of improvement through qualitative and quantitative data obtained

Integrating Coaching Initiatives into Performance Management

  • Benefits of coaching and creating coaching culture within your organisation
  • Understanding the key traits of an effective coach:
  • Proficiency in establishing rapport
  • Deep listening and powerful questioning skills
  • Ability to establish clear and achievable goals
  • Excellent motivation skills
  • Recognising how coaching initiatives in performance management could increase the level of productivity and engagement
Speaker(s) of this session
Bernard HoHead of Talent Development and Learning AsiaThe Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ

Afternoon Refreshment and Networking Break


Case Study from SAP – A Glimpse into SAP Talk as an Initiative for Continuous Performance Management

Learn about the new approach to Performance Management undertaken at SAP. They no longer have an annual process with ratings and performance reviews; SAP Talk helps them shift to more frequent, meaningful conversations between employees and managers.  They place more emphasis on continuous, future-focused conversations instead of one-time, backward-looking performance reviews.  Hear how SAP shifted to a more open and transparent feedback approach between employee and manager. 

Witness how SAP journeyed from traditional performance management to the newly launched SAP Talk.

  • Making a change with the mind-set that all employees are talent that can be polished
  • What do Best in Class Companies do for Performance Management?
  • Quality performance conversations in real time - what does that look like?
  • How are organisations embarking into non-rating Performance Management?
  • Review on Performance and Compensation trends in the new world
  • Early Results from SAP Talk and how it is making an impact in SAP
Speaker(s) of this session
Andrew LabuteHR Project DirectorSAP

The Journey of Removing Ratings in Performance Management

  • Discussing on whether to embark into a no-rating approach in Performance Management
  • Understanding the pain points during transition on what worked and what did not work
  • Implementing an effective hybrid system that enables the organization to build a culture of high performance 

End of Day 2


Drastic changes in the demographics of the workforce are adding complexity of HR strategies as millennials has different demands and characteristics compared to the baby boomers. It is changing the way how managers should approach the employees as they tend to prefer instant gratification from their performance and knowing why they are doing it. The millennials also seek for self-development which traditional performance management does not focus on.

Due to economic slowdown, organisations are forced to look for ways to increase productivity without increasing C&B budget. One way would be to increase the engagement level of the employees and performance management is a great tool to achieve this through effective frequent reviews. It is also a great tool to identify area of improvement.

Singapore government is also pushing for a more productive workforce as times is expected to be tough due to economic slowdown. Workforce is advised to develop their skill sets or risk being redundant.

With the technological advancement in performance management software, more and more organisations are looking into embarking tech innovations into their performance management initiative. Performance management software helps in cutting operational cost in the long run not to mention freeing more HR practitioners for more strategic role. More and more of the processes can be automated and it provides more consistency and shorter time in evaluation.


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