Human Resource Business Partner Congress 2017

15 - 16 March 2017 | Hilton Hotel, Singapore

Human Resource Business Partner Congress 2017

Welcome to the HR Business Partner Congress 2017!

Globalisation is making the world smaller and even more diverse than before. The diversity in the workforce in terms of age and cultural background has demanded for more comprehensive HR strategies to attract, retain and reward the diverse workforce who will have different needs and challenges. It is a well-known fact that human capital is the most valuable asset to any organisation therefore it is essential that HR strategies are aligned into organisational goals and business strategies. HRBP is the missing link in bridging HR into business strategies. They are the strategic role of working closely with the board to understand organisation goals and devise how HR fits in the big plan.

Drastic changes in business world are also demanding for organisations to cope and re-align organisational goals to be competitive. The importance of HR has increased dramatically and are been recognised as the next frontier in providing the cutting edge to stay ahead. But in order to do so HR has to be in a more strategic role and play a part in formulating strategies which involves human capital oriented capabilities to fill in the gap talent needed to achieve the organisational goals. The main challenge here is lack of skill sets and expertise due to the nature of HR conventional model which was deemed to be paper pushers or more of a back end administrative role. In order to be competent strategic partner, HR practitioners need to move out of their safe zone and be equipped with different skill sets not just related to HR.

Last but not least, technological disruption is causing the business world to be changing faster than before. This is changing the landscape of HR in terms of how administrative task could be reduced and analytics is becoming more and more important in providing insights which would seem impossible a decade ago. Findings from analytics provide HR with a more detailed insight on what are the roadblocks and reasons why they are not achieving their goals. By having this information HR professionals are able to step up and play a bigger role as an advisor to the board in formulating organisational goals and strategies.

Key Areas That Will Be Discussed In This HR Business Partner Congress:

Featuring high-level case studies presentations, interactive dialogues, lively debates, engaging panel discussions, the HR Business Partner Congress serves as a great peer-to-peer platform for you to learn from cutting-edge case studies and emerging best practices in:

  • Understanding the strategic transformation from cost centres to value adding entity
  • Exploring different HRBP models that fits your organisation
  • Understanding best practices in HR Business Partnering
  • Uncovering how HR Business Partners adds value to your organisation
  • Discussing on the various challenges in implementing HR Business Partner model within your organisation

Join us for these two days to hear about best practices strategies and benchmark with your peers. Do not miss out this opportunity to share your opinion, ask those burning questions and learn more about HR Business Partner.

Featured Speakers

Featured Speakers

Ajit Iyer
Managing Director - HR,... Applied Materials Read More
Adrian Ole
Director, Human Capital Deloitte Read More
Balan Krishnan
Regional Director of Global... Intel Corporation Read More
Kiranmai Pendyala
CVP - HR, EMEA, APAC and... AMD Read More
NG Ying Yuan
Executive Director, HR and OD Economic Development... Read More
Eugene Lam
HR Director Kimberley-Clark Read More
Ramanujam Mysore
General Manager Human Resources Biocon Read More
Zarina Piperdi
SVP Human Resource & Fleet... Singapore Airlines... Read More
Sandeep Girotra
Head of HR – APAC DaVita Healthcare Read More
Marcus Budimulia
HR Director, Global Operations SCIEX Read More
Aparna Kumar
Regional HR Lead – APAC Monsanto Read More
Mansi Agarwal
Director Talent Management,... Avon Cosmetics Read More
SL Narasimhan
Director – Head of Talent... State Street Read More
Timothy Cheong
Vice President Group Human Resource... Read More
Natalie Tait
SVP, APAC Head of Talent... Bank of America Merrill... Read More
Bobby Chiew
Head of Human Resources Woodlands Transport... Read More
Anitha Ramakrishnan
Director HR, Talent -... Hewlett Packard... Read More
Gyan Nagpal
Chief Executive Officer PLGA Corporation Read More
Arundhati Raghavan
Director, Human Resources Heinemann Read More
Cornelius Koh
Talent Acquisition Director UTAC Read More

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Registration and Coffee


Opening Address from HRM Asia


Speed Networking Sessions


Strategic Transformation of HR in Singapore: From Cost Centre to Business Partnership

  • Cost Centre vs Profit Centre - where is HR?
  • Exploring the strategic levers that need to be pushed to make this happen
  • The change journey - transforming HR into a more effective business resource and profit contributor
  • Sustaining the change - innovation and a peek into a futuristic HR model
Speaker(s) of this session
Eugene LamHR DirectorKimberley-Clark

Morning Refreshment Break


HR Business Partnership - A Public Sector Perspective

  • Addressing the challenges of HR business partnership in the public sector
  • Understanding who are the stakeholders and how do we engage them
  • Leveraging on Change Management and Organisational Development as a critical capability for HR business partners
Speaker(s) of this session
NG Ying YuanExecutive Director, HR and ODEconomic Development Board

Exploring the Challenges of Implementing the HR Business Partnership Model within Your Organisation

  • Addressing the challenge of having a defined scope of the HR Business Partner role – Can this really be differentiated from the HR administrative role?
  • Managing the boundaries effectively between HR Business Partners, Centres of Expertise and Shared Services to avoid redundancy
  • Developing better internal dialogue between stakeholders on the optimum balance of role and responsibilities between HR Business Partners and line managers
Speaker(s) of this session
Anitha RamakrishnanDirector HR, Talent - Organization Development & Effectiveness APJHewlett Packard Enterprise

Panel Discussion: Words of Wisdom - Key learning’s as a HR Business Partner

HR as a function has gone through an evolution over the last few decades. The demands of a faster paced, digitally enhanced, analytics focused world amongst other aspects have promoted extensive transformation, and HR professionals now operate under many different guises in order to effectively support the complex businesses within which they operate. The HRBP’s role is one of the most significant products of this change.  It is often said that one key aspect that defines the HR Business Partner role is the way people initiatives are linked to wider business strategy.

Join us in a candid panel discussion on some key elements and more:

  • What does it actually mean to be a true HR Business Partner
  • Where is the distinction between HR and business accountability
  • What does it take to build credibility with the business 
Speaker(s) of this session
Aparna KumarRegional HR Lead – APAC Monsanto
Timothy CheongVice PresidentGroup Human Resource Director
Eugene LamHR DirectorKimberley-Clark
Anitha RamakrishnanDirector HR, Talent - Organization Development & Effectiveness APJHewlett Packard Enterprise

Lunch and Networking Break


Organisational Transformation: Understanding the Strategic Role of HRBP in Ensuring a Smooth Transition

  • Understanding the impact of HR business partnering on HR’s day-to-day role
  • Exploring the importance of thinking business minded, and not just HR minded
  • Overcoming the challenges to becoming a strategic partner
  • Moving away from administrator and venturing into HR strategic partner 
  • Examining different stakeholder needs and knowing how to influence different styles and personas
Speaker(s) of this session
SL NarasimhanDirector – Head of Talent Acquisition APAC & HR Head for SE AsiaState Street

The Capability Models Driving Future Business

In a highly practical and interactive keynote presentation packed with data, bestselling author Gyan Nagpal presents a HR Business Partner’s view of future business. Using hard numbers, he puts the current and future talent complexities of a 3.6 billion strong global workforce in stark contrast. This is where economics as a construct proves quite useful; as it helps take the often ‘fuzzy’ topic of talent and transform it into a commercial dialogue backed by numbers. Attending this session will help an HR Business Partner:

  • Map the talent demand and supply trends which impact an industry or geography, and diagnose the talent eco-system surrounding a business.
  • Build a strategic conversation with P&L Leaders on competing talent priorities.
  • Help Managers and Leaders see their role as talent champions.
  • Build a customised investment model to divert discretionary talent and acquisition dollars towards the highest value outcomes.
Speaker(s) of this session
Gyan NagpalChief Executive OfficerPLGA Corporation

Afternoon Refreshment Break


Exploring the Key Competencies of Strategic HR Business Partners

  • Mastering deeper and broader understanding of your organisation
  • Having the ability to work alongside all levels of management
  • Developing expertise in creating and leading change within your organisation
  • Influencing stakeholders to achieve a holistic goal
  •  Mastering the six core competencies of an effective HR Business Partner
    •  Credible Activists
    •  Strategy Positioners
    •  Capability Builders
    •  Change Champions
    •  HR Innovators and Integrators
    •  Technology Proponents
Speaker(s) of this session
Ajit IyerManaging Director - HR, WorldWide OperationsApplied Materials

Integrating Human Resource Strategy and Strategic Planning To Achieve Business Excellence

  • Defining the essential role HR plays in developing a HR strategy that support the  business
  • Understanding the linkages between HR and business strategy to achieve organisational goals
  • Identifying the core needs and goals of different business functions and aligning HR to meet those needs and goals
  • Ensuring communication between HR and other departments to determine and maintain common ground for effective strategy integration
  • Identifying, aligning and implementing strategic actions that will meet the demand of the business and HR
  • Conducting a business and people SWOT analysis to identify sources of competitive advantage
Speaker(s) of this session
Balan KrishnanRegional Director of Global Learning & LeadershipIntel Corporation

End of Day 1


Registration and Coffee


Becoming The Trusted Advisor Of Your Internal Clients: How To Be Your Organisation’s Hero

  • Building relationships with internal clients through effective collaboration
  • Managing expectations throughout the process of establishing needs and limitations
  • Taking the initiative for providing advice by knowing the business inside out
  • Leveraging on strengths from various stakeholders to ensure expectations are met
  • Being bold and firm in advising internal clients – knowing when to say no when confronting unrealistic expectations
Speaker(s) of this session
Natalie Tait SVP, APAC Head of Talent AcquisitionBank of America Merrill Lynch

Measuring the Impact of Strategic HR Business Partnership in Your Organisation

  • Formulating metrics to determine the true cost and benefits  of HR Business Partnering, and the impact to the organisation
  • Forecasting ROI to identify which strategy should be prioritised and implemented 
  • Overcoming common challenges with establishing the right metrics for accurate ROI assessment 
  • Driving Senior Managing Buy-In by translating your ROI findings into a “story” that frames the impact to your business in a meaningful way
Speaker(s) of this session
Sandeep GirotraHead of HR – APACDaVita Healthcare

Morning Refreshment and Networking Break


From HR Generalist to HR Business Partner: A Journey to the Next Frontier

  • Understanding the differences in the role and responsibilities of a HR Generalist and a HR Business Partner
  • Understanding the skill sets required for the HR Business Partner role and comparing them to the skills of a HR Generalist
  • Determining who is the right fit for the HR Business Partner role
  • Overcoming the common challenges of moving a HR Generalists to a HR Business Partner 
  • Developing stronger commercial and business acumen to kick-start the journey as a HR Business Partner
  • Preparing HR Business Partners by leveraging job rotation across different business functions to gain a multi-faceted exposure of the organisation
Speaker(s) of this session
Marcus BudimuliaHR Director, Global Operations SCIEX

Exploring What CEOs Want From HR Business Partners

  • Increasing HR’s creditability and value in the eyes of the wider business
  • Evolving HR into architects of culture and change by spearheading transformation initiatives
  • Coaching and challenging top management and executive teams to ensure that holistic strategies are implemented effectively
  • Establishing processes that ensure strategic clarity of the organisation’s direction and vision
  • Leveraging HR as a means to drive Business Improvement
Speaker(s) of this session
Adrian OleDirector, Human CapitalDeloitte

Lunch and Networking Break


Panel Discussion: Getting Buy-In From Senior Management: How to Infuse HR Strategy into Business Dialogue?

  • Utilising your ROI update and evaluation to gain buy-in
  • Developing a holistic communication strategy to ensure the right messages are successfully communicated to all stakeholders
  • Exploring the challenges HR Business Partners face with getting buy-in from top management
  • Securing senior leadership buy-in throughout every phase of the process, including:
    • Align – Creating clarity of purpose, how it will benefit the organisation and employee as well demonstrating top management support
    • Equip – Providing employees with the critical skills and details to meet business objectives and gain continuous buy-in
    • Sustain – Gathering the evidence you need to demonstrate the outcomes back to the business
Speaker(s) of this session
Zarina PiperdiSVP Human Resource & Fleet ManagementSingapore Airlines Engineering
Cornelius KohTalent Acquisition DirectorUTAC
Mansi AgarwalDirector Talent Management, APAC Avon Cosmetics
Arundhati RaghavanDirector, Human ResourcesHeinemann

Successful Change Management: Gaining and Keeping Support for HR Transformation

  • Cultivating a culture of agile HR to cope with the dynamic changes of the business world
  • Exploring how HR Business Partners can be the change agent in your organisation
  • Addressing the challenges in assimilating change from a HR perspective
  • Determining ways to measure the effectiveness of change management 
  • Establishing the right communication channels to deliver how transformation will benefit everyone in the organisation
Speaker(s) of this session
Ramanujam MysoreGeneral Manager Human ResourcesBiocon

Panel Discussion: Where did Your HR Business Partner Model Go Wrong?

  • Exploring the roadblocks of establishing and executing the strategic HR business partner role
  • Establishing the right balance between transactional HR operations and strategic responsibilities
  • Uncovering the limitations of your HRBP model and how to overcome them
  • Encouraging line managers to work as “partners” with HR
Speaker(s) of this session
Ramanujam MysoreGeneral Manager Human ResourcesBiocon
Kiranmai PendyalaCVP - HR, EMEA, APAC and Greater ChinaAMD
Bobby ChiewHead of Human ResourcesWoodlands Transport Holdings

Afternoon Refreshment and Networking Break


Business Strategy- HRBP Driving Talent Strategy

  • Understanding how HR Business Partners  drives talent strategy to help business succeed
  • Revealing the importance of having HR Business Partners leading the talent global footprint
  • Leveraging on HR Business Partners  as talent advisor to enable skill gap diagnostics
Speaker(s) of this session
Kiranmai PendyalaCVP - HR, EMEA, APAC and Greater ChinaAMD

End of Day 2

Why You Should Attend:

  • More HRBP focused with emphasise of creating culture and how effective HRBP could spearhead HR Transformation into a strategic partner to their organisation.
  • Focuses on how HRBP could contribute more to their organisation as strategic partner and what are the key competencies of HRBP and exploring different HRBP models that suits your organisation
  • Great line-up of speakers
  • The only HRBP congress in the region

Key Takeaways from HR Business Partner Congress 2017

  • Learning from peers on how to create a culture and ecosystem for productive HRBP within your organisation
  • Understanding how to integrate HR into business strategy through involvement of HRBP
  • Understanding key competencies of HRBP to ensure that they fulfil the full potential of their role in bridging HR and business strategy
  • Discussing on reasons why most organisations fail in HRBP transition
  • Share of ideas in getting buy-in from management

Must-attend for:

Chief, VPs/Directors/Heads/Managers of:

  • Learning & Development
  • Training
  • Performance Management
  • Organisational Development
  • Human Resources
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Talent Management
  • HR Business Partners
  • HR Professionals in the midst or planning to move into HR Business Partner role

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