HR Transformation 4.0
Building HR’s Business Competencies to Thrive on Disruption Digital | Analytics | Design | Readiness

15 - 16 August 2017 | Singapore

HR Transformation 4.0


Key Focuses


Whether we are ready or not, the world of work and of business is being disrupted rapidly. Digital transformation, smart technologies, smart workforce and business model revamp are revolutionizing the way we do business. Most organizations "anticipate their industries will be totally disrupted by digital trends," (Josh Bersin 2017).

Under increasing business volatility, HR function urgently needs a next crucial stage of evolution. One that is less standard process-focused, but more outcome-driven with agility, to help business thrive on today disruption. Without understanding the business landscape, HR function risks being irrelevant - the journey of Outside-In to drive the Inside-Out, quickly.

HR Transformation 2.0 Summit 2017 (Singapore, August 15-16) will address the holistic range of HR key growth areas, latest business and organisational changes, and what HR can prioritize to efficiently drive competitive edge. The upcoming HR success chapter will solidly be defined by the success of its business through disruption.

Themes to be explored: 
  • Effectively curate strategic people flow, information flow, organisational changes and digital transformation
  • Building HR organization competencies 
  • Strategic workforce planning: People flow
    • Predict business trends and upcoming talent demands
    • Blended and gig economy
  • Leveraging SMAC to revamp employee experience 
  • L&D curator that works 
  • Organizational restructuring 
  • Building new leadership to lead in new business 
  • Harnessing digital and innovation capabilities
Conference highlights: 
  • The ONLY Event capitalizing on holistic HR strategic growth areas to quickly drive business competencies during transformation
  • 19+ speakers from top 13 industries that are highly experiencing disruption
  • 11 first-hand real HR Transformation projects to provide current progress, upcoming milestones and how you can accelerate your transformation
  • 3 customized panels to tackle common roadblocks and pitfalls to ensure final success
  • 2-day congress and 1-day master-class that tailor to the current stage of different HR maturity
  • Keep it real: Providing transformation roadmap taken into account internal HR maturity and tech-readiness levels of employees
  • Case studies from Siemens, Syngenta, Maxis, Deloitte, Deutsche Bank

Featured Speakers

Featured Speakers

Darryl Wee
Managing Director, South East... The RBL Group Read More
Rachel Pogson
VP Global Talent Acquisition... Seagate Read More
Adrian Ole
Director, Human Capital Deloitte Read More
Michael Bokina
Vice President and Global Head... Siemens Read More
Norbert Modla
Global Head of Human Resources JF Hillebrand Group Read More
Kamali Rajesh
Head of Human Resources APAC Syngenta Asia Pacific Read More
Jeremy Broome
Managing Director, Head of... Deutsche Bank Read More
Geraldine Fraser
HR Director, Consumer Products... FrieslandCampina Read More
Wendy Foong
Vice President Human Resources... Schneider Electric Read More
Eugene Lam
HR Director Kimberley-Clark Read More
Adzhar Ibrahim
Head of People &... Maxis Read More
K Thiveanathan
Chief Human Resources Officer UTAC Read More
Chye Har Er
HR Director; Winner - 2017 HRM... Singapore Land Authority Read More
Gaurav Sharma
Human Resources Director The Coca Cola Company Read More
Prem Bhagat
HR Director RedMart Read More
Sapna Saxena
Director People Operations Paypal Read More
Laurence Smith
Global Head of Talent &... Read More
Binayak Bagchi
Director HR - Asia Pacific,... Medtronic Read More
Anuradha Purbey
People Director, Singapore Aviva Read More

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Prudential Singapore, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of UK-based Prudential plc, is one of the top life insurance companies in Singapore. We have been serving the financial and protection needs of Singaporeans for 85 years. Our focus is to bring well-rounded financial solutions to customers through our multi-channel distribution network, with product offerings in Protection, Savings and Investment.

We are one of the market leaders in Protection, Savings and Investment-linked plans with S$31.5 billion funds under management as at 31 December 2016. In 2014, we were awarded an AA Financial Strength Rating by leading credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s.


8.30 AM

Registration and Morning Coffee

8.50 AM

Opening Remark by Chairperson

8:55 AM

Speed Networking Sessions

Strengthening HR’s Strategic Value in a VUCA World and New Economy

9:05 AM

Panel Discussion: The Future of Work and What it Means for HR

  • An evolving strategic HR in the disruptive era
  • Changes in a nutshell: changing business models and speed of changes
  • Talent management: the shift from Career to Work Experiences
  • Integrated smart workforce: smart machines, AI, and gig economy
  • Future HR in the new economy: change or be irrelevant
  • HR new competencies: business, digital and technical acumen
  • Staying realistic: how much transformation can HR drive?
Speaker(s) of this session
Rachael PogsonVP Global Talent Acquisition & HR CentralSeagate Technology
Shir Ling GoHR DirectorVolex (Asia)
Sapna Saxena Director People OperationsPaypal
9:30 AM

Moving from “HR for HR” to “HR for the Business”: Using HR to Deliver Business Outcomes

As “it takes two to dance the tango”, the discussion of how HR wins the support from business leaders have been ongoing for decades. Yet, the right focus should be how HR can play a part in building, driving and achieving business goals.
  • What are business's new expectations for HR?
  • What core competencies of the new HR talent in the new economy?
  • Outside-In approach: Gain clarity and constructive engagement in business planning to deliver right outcomes
  • Aligning HR and business goals in the VUCA world
  • Understand different stakeholders’ expectations to better deliver HR outcomes
Speaker(s) of this session
Darryl WeeManaging Director, South East AsiaThe RBL Group
10:10 AM

From Outside-In: Diversifying HR Competencies to Raise the Game and Accelerate Changes

  • Understanding the changing business landscape 
  • Shifting demands for the HR function
  • Building HR’s competencies to impact and enable the enterprise
  • Crafting full-fledged learning platforms across various HR levels
Speaker(s) of this session
Eugene LamHR DirectorKimberley-Clark
10:05 AM

Morning Refreshment and Networking Break

11:10 AM

Siemens HR Transformation – Unleashing the Full Potential of its People to Drive Business Success

With nearly 350,000 global employees and an HR function near 6,000 people, the Siemens HR Transformation doesn’t happen overnight. Recognizing the new VUCA world, Siemens and its businesses are evolving with a focus on growth fields of electrification, automation and digitalization. 
Leading the global transformation, Mike will share the Siemens HR Story- including their HR Transformation journey, the need for greater agility and key strategic initiatives.
  • Why transformation – the VUCA world and Siemens’ changing business portfolio
  • Core to Business, Professional, and Agile: Key cornerstones of HR’s Transformation
  • The next 3-5 years- the journey continues
  • Identifying and securing the capabilities and mindset needed to make the HR Transformation a success
Speaker(s) of this session
Michael Bokina Vice President and Global Head, HR Organizational EffectivenessSiemens
11:50 AM

Lean In - Cultivating HR Business Acumen and Agility to Ensure Relevant Value-Adds

  • A revamped HRBP model: Fostering strategic ties of HRBP with business functions and organisation
  • Instilling “5-star model of business success” into HR blueprint: better understand business goals, and diagnose gaps
  • Elevating strategic HR programs from core HR modules 
  • Building effective business learning platforms for HR
Speaker(s) of this session
Wendy Foong Vice President Human Resources, East Asia & Japan OperationsSchneider Electric
12:30 PM

Lunch Break

1:30 PM

Driving HR Continuous Improvement to Build Strong Foundations for Structured Changes

FrieslandCampina has experienced HR transformation for the past 2 years to facilitate its constant business changes. The company has established 2 shared service centres, 2 Centre of Excellence campuses, enhanced 20% more “lean HR” team, and built collaboration platforms for HR relocations. The session will focus on:
  • Staying realistic: Assessing internal HR maturity to design feasible strategies
  • Optimizing the usage of HRIS system to scale up HR capacities
  • Eliminating hiccups during business transformation with lean organisational design
  • Upcoming strategies to foster HR competencies to align with business needs
Speaker(s) of this session
Geraldine FraserHR Director, Consumer Products AsiaFrieslandCampina
2:00 PM

Disrupting or Being Disrupted: Building Innovation Capabilities to Capitalize on New Economies

  • Fostering cross-functional project teamwork to stimulate meaningful, customer-centric business innovation
  • Facilitating ideation and insights exchange sessions to explore new opportunities
  • Building room for applying employee-driven innovation nto improving daily business
  • Measuring what matters: Refining employee engagement, performance that focus on problem-solving ability
  • Make it fun: Designing fun-filling technology sharing and competition
2:30 PM

HR Design Thinking – Infuse your HR and Talent Programs with User-centric Design and Innovation to Nimbly Meet the New Business Needs

Digital technology is disrupting business models, operational processes and employee engagement, fundamentally transforming our organisations. In this context, HR leaders are incorporating design thinking, behavioral economics, and digital HR technologies to enhance worker experiences and increase the value HR brings to organisations (Deloitte, 2016). 
The session will demonstrate how HR can transform from the ‘policy police’ to ‘employee-experience designer’.
  • ‘Disruptive’ business environment and why fragmented talent programs aren’t working
  • Design thinking + UX: Applying users’ perspectives to ideate, design, and build compelling human-centric HR solutions
  • Learning from current pilot projects: prototyping, testing, hackathons and feedback to quickly roll out high-impact HR solutions
  • The emerging roles: What are business leaders urgently expecting from HR leaders in the digital journey
Speaker(s) of this session
Adrian OleDirector, Human CapitalDeloitte
3:10 PM

Afternoon Break and Networking Session

3:30 PM

Cultivating HR Agility – Keeping Up with Constant Business Changes to Deliver Impactful HR support

Dynamic market place and change are common denominators of today’s business world. Anticipation and pace of adaptation are key determinants to organizational success. Spearheading organizational transition within Syngenta, Kamali Rajesh, Head of HR APAC at Syngenta how HR at Syngenta is gearing up to support the organizational transformation.
  • Building a healthy resilient culture in time of constant changes
  • Aligning HR strategic priorities to the business strategic agenda
  • Building right capacities and competencies
  • Investing in leadership to support organizational transformations
  • Leveraging technology changes
Speaker(s) of this session
Kamali RajeshHead of Human Resources APACSyngenta Asia Pacific
4:10 PM

Building the Innovation Capacities with Future-proof Projects at Aviva

Speaker(s) of this session
Anuradha PurbeyPeople Director, Singapore Aviva
4:50 PM

End of Conference Day One

8.30 AM

Registration and Coffee

9.00 AM

Opening Remark by Chairperson

Building the Disruption Resources and Fostering Digital Competencies

9:10 AM

Strengthening Workforce Planning through Analytics

  • Using analytics in hiring and selecting a better match to build a high-performing team
  • Predictive movement index to forecast new resigns that prompt in-time actions to retain critical talent
  • From prescriptive to predictive: Leveraging analytics in testing business expansion, predicting revenues and resources demand
  • What stop HR leaders in adopting analytics?
  • Building effective analytics roadmap to scale up the values
Speaker(s) of this session
Binayak Bagchi Director HR - Asia Pacific, Restorative Therapies GroupMedtronic
9:50 AM

Singapore Land Authority (SLA)’s HR Digital Transformation Roadmap to Build Future-Ready Capabilities

Recognising that we are living in an era of unprecedented disruption, the HR team at SLA embarked on a journey to disrupt and transform current HR processes to enhance the employee experience as well as enable employee effectiveness using a combination of hardware– technology and software – the human touch The larger objective is to build a future ready workforce with a growth mindset and transformative capacity. Focusing on the critical touch-points of an employee’s life cycle, SLA HR’s transformation efforts utilise a diversifed range of tools and interventions to address employee engagement and effectiveness issues at different stages of an employee’s life journey.
  • Reimagining the SLA work experience using Virtual Reality
  • Revamping the employee experience with emPLAYee and mobile self-service apps
  • Let’s get social: Using social technology platforms and tools to drive communication and engagement
  • Building a Tech-Savvy SLA: 3-year digital transformation roadmap
  • Developing capabilities : The Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) framework
Speaker(s) of this session
Chye Har Er HR Director; Winner - 2017 HRM awards, HR Transformation through Tech CategorySingapore Land Authority
10:30 AM

Morning Refreshment and Networking Break

11:00 AM

Driving Digital Competencies for all Levels of Staff - Feasible Roadmap that Brings Real Returns

  • Busting the myth of digital to make organisation speak the same language
  • Building a digital firm: translating digital into business outcomes
  • Accelerating skills development with digital: convenient, accessible and viral 
  • Easy for the Busy: curating fun-filling, easy and cost-friendly digital transformation projects
  • Digital plans for non tech-ready employees
Speaker(s) of this session
Laurence Smith Global Head of Talent &
11:40 AM

Enabling Business Leaders to Lead in the New Way that Capture Business Potentials

  • Enabling business leaders to run the business in the new way
  • Tackling reluctance with real business outcomes
  • Incubating new leadership skills for business leaders to lead and achieve better
  • Success planning: more than a KPI
Speaker(s) of this session
Nobert Modla Global Head of Human ResourcesJF Hillebrand Group
12:20 PM

Lunch Break

1:20 PM

Redmart Organisational Transformation to Scale up Success from Post Acquisition

Redmart in itself is a disruptive model of e-grocer retail. Under the acquisition from Lazada, the HR team is harnessing new competencies to scale up its success.
  • Redmart’s HR director Prem Bhagat will share the upcoming milestones and how HR team is cultivating its agility to nimbly stay ahead of changes.
  • Enabling leadership capabilities to lead in the new business: ºflexibility and structured creativity
  • Building collaborative platforms to develop new competencies: L&D, customer experience and logistics efciency
  • Using employee engagement apps to enable faster tech adoption and build faster solutions
  • Breaking big milestone into feasible projects to create continuous momentum
Speaker(s) of this session
Prem BhagatHR DirectorRedMart
2:00 PM

“Agile Recruiting”- Refning Talent Recruitment & Development when Talents can be Outdated just Tomorrow

  • “Agile Recruiting” – Effective recruitment strategies that fully capture employee’s potentials and culture- ft within short timeframe
  • Leveraging on analytics to fne-tune the recruitment practices: avoid the risk of putting wrong people in wrong place
  • Building L&D programs that balance between jobspecifc versus universal skills to quickly adapt to evolving clients’ demands
  • Enabling peer-sharing cultures across L&D platforms
2:40 PM

Smart Machines, Driven Millennials & Contingent Workforce: Incorporating New Types of Labour to Optimise Workforce Planning

  • What business functions are prone to AI replacement?
  • Identifying the routine part of business operation to streamline process with technology
  • On-demand, contingent workforce and the vast impacts on strategic workforce planning
  • Balancing performance and engagement of new employment types
3:20 PM

Afternoon Break and Networking Session

3:50 PM

Panel Discussion: “No time, No Resources” - Tackling Resources Challenge to Achieve Business Buy-in

  • Balancing business immediate goals with long-term transformation
  • Gaining momentum from small wins that enhance daily operations
  • Digital transformation & innovation roadmap for each employee
  • Building tech and innovation community to accelerate the process
Speaker(s) of this session
K ThiveanathanChief Human Resources OfficerUTAC
Jeremy Broome Managing Director, Head of Human Resources, Asia PacificDeutsche Bank
Gaurav SharmaHuman Resources Director The Coca Cola Company

Quality Assurance to Fine-tuning Transformation

4:20 PM

Quality Assurance to Fine-tuning Transformation Everybody is Doing it, but Is Everyone Getting it Right?

  • Addressing Common Pitfalls during Transformation
  • Understanding the common mistakes that transformation
  • Changes as the Fad: Benchmarking to avoid superfcial changes
  • Leveraging on existing resources before new investment
  • Business competencies as the bottom line
Speaker(s) of this session
Adzhar Ibrahim Head of People & OrganizationMaxis
5:00 PM

Speed Closing Panel: Define a Clear Upcoming Journey of Modern HR in an Uncertain World

In time of change, clarity becomes the new luxury. Change is always the constant; the only difference is that it is happening too fast now. The session will recap the new opportunities, and drawing conclusion on the must-have contributions of today HR.
  • The Outside-In mission: Building business competencies with focus on external world
  • Instilling business innovation as the new core competencies
  • Integrated Business-HR Strategies: Translate business strategic goals into feasible action plans
  • Driving digital HR and HR consumerism to engage, connect and optimise potentials
  • Harnessing business appetite for change
  • How much transformation HR can drive? Taking business maturity into consideration
5:15 PM

End of Conference

HR Transformation Summit 2.0 2017 focuses on holistic HR growth areas to build a well-equipped business in today disruptive era. Topics of discussion include future workforce planning, digital transformation roadmap, building innovation through technology, and organization agility. Key HR toolkit to take away include HR digital roadmap, analytics, design thinking and disruption readiness.

Do you know

  • 47% of jobs will disappear in the next in the next 25 years (Oxford University). By 2025, one in three jobs will be done by Robots or AI
  • 70 % of HR professionals don't have the skills to deal with robotics, artificial intelligence, automation, chat bots, wearables and other technologies (Josh Bersin)
  • 4 out of 5 mid-size firms said their active participation in the digital economy will be essential to their company’s survival in the next three to five years (SAP, 2017)
  • 74% identified digital HR as a top priority  (Deloitte, Global Human Capital Trends 2016)
  • 79% of HR executives rate design thinking an important or very important issue (Deloitte, 2015)



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