Design Thinking Talent Innovation Workshop
Building Design Thinking Capabilities in Human Resources

21 Jun 2017 | Hilton Hotel, Singapore

Design Thinking Talent Innovation Workshop

DesignThinking is the ONLY innovation methodology that provides a means to focus on the employee’s personal experience and to create processes that are employee centric. The result of Design Thinking in HR is new solutions and tools that directly contribute to employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention.

Traditional HR systems are typically programs or processes designed to train people, assess performance and ensure compliance at work. They were built around process steps, formal education, or training room events, and not with the experience the employee would have in mind.

While these traditional systems work to a degree, they add additional layers of complexity to an employee’s day to day duties, which includes floods of emails, meetings, and other workplace complexities.

Complexity is an obstacle to business success and a barrier to growth in business productivity. This is one reason why 79 percent of executives in this year’s Global Human Capital Trends survey rated design thinking an important issue.

    HR departments should consider incorporating key design thinking concepts such as:
  • Persona Based Selection
  • User Experience Design
  • Multi-Disciplinary Co-Creation; And • Stakeholder Gridding

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Featured Speakers

Alfred Tan
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Course Agenda:

Topic 1: Introduction to Design Thinking

  • The power of Design Thinking
  • Design Thinking’s relevance to Human Resources

Topic 2: The People and Organisational Culture

  • A Revolutionary Design Thinking empathy tool kit to uncover “deep” insights to multi-generational employee needs.
  • Design Thinking to nurture an innovative organisational culture

Topic 3: Hiring Right Using Persona-Based Recruiting: Finding the ONE!

  • Identifying key character traits to create the desired employee persona that supports the company’s vision and values
  • Selecting candidates based on the desired employee persona
  • Understanding your employee by taking a walk in their shoes through the experience journey map
This will transform HR from a ‘process developer’ into an ‘experience architect’; and empower HR to reimagine every aspect of work, including:
  • - The Physical Environment;
  • - How People Meet And Interact;
  • - Their Lifestyles, How Managers Spend Their Time; and
  • - How Companies Select, Train, Connect, And Recognize Their People
The Design Thinking Talent Innovation Workshop is the perfect workshop to nish off the year inspired and ready to approach 2017 with new tools and strategies to innovate your HR department!

Learning Objectives

This workshop will share with you through a blend of interactive multi-lectures, group work, individual practice and out of classroom activities that will enable you to:
  • - Harness the power of three essential traits of an innovative leading, which includes: Inspiring, involving and instilling mind-set change to transform mediocracy to extraordinary.
  • - Empathise, connect and unify internal customers (employees) to build an innovative customer centric mind-set; lighting up new paths so that everyone in your organisation may follow.
  • - Co-create using ideation techniques that will give you the audacity to think differently and bring about game-changing transformations lled with possibilities everywhere in your organisation.

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