Asia Employment Law Masterclass 2017
A guide to go regional employment

Asia Employment Law Masterclass 2017

A series of focused one-day masterclasses – A guide to go regional employment

Follow the congress; we bring you the focused one-day employment law masterclass series. The 7 masterclasses deep dive into employment law for China, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia, catering to the needs of professionals with regional sta ng responsibility.

Instructed by experienced legal experts, the participants can expect to master wide spectrum from recent employment law updates, legal landscape, and local employment environment to details of taxation & minimum statutory terms. You will learn to handle regional employment issues with con dence, make more informed decisions and gain better control to foster regional workforce performance.

Themes to be explored: 


A seemingly familiar law, Malaysia employment legal framework can bring various concerns in practice. A wide range of high-impact aspects to nitty-gritty details will be demonstrated at the master class. They include poor performance & misconduct management, employee surveillance and grounds for termination, managing employee mobility & transfers and handling un-enforceable non-compete laws best practices. It also covers required payroll, Malaysia EPF & calculation, mandated tax and social contribution.

Don't miss out this opportunity to learn how to legitimately optimise your workforce performance while fully fulfilling statutory employment terms.

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Singapore employers have recently witnessed various labour law changes, marking the shift to pro-employee. This focused workshop will deep dive into a wide spectrum of emerging employment issues from re-employment act changes & impacts on employers, CPF calculation & common pitfalls, recent tripartite guidelines to non-compete clause best practices to protect business interest. Proper termination & redundancy process is also a must-cover aspect.

Join us at this workshop debut to rethink and redesign your existing HR compliance practices to stay compliant while fine-tuning the edge for attracting talent.

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Given the booming business landscape in Vietnam, it is critical for regional HR & compliance team to understand the Vietnam dynamics labour law to ensure a successful business. This one-day customised master class is carefully designed to address common pitfalls and key compliance challenges. A brief snapshot of what will be covered includes:

  • Understand critical features of the Vietnam amended labour law proposal 2017: social insurance, retirement age, and work permit, etc.
  • Statutory employment terms and foreign employer’s key obligation
  • Personal income tax, social securities and contribution
  • Work permit and visa for personnel mobility & cross-border employment
Engage in practical case studies to ensure optimal take-aways. The workshop will explain current rules, practical environment, what’s actually happening, and identify areas of risks & benefits for the employers.

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The high-frequent coordination with China offices brings forth the importance for regional personnel to stay articulate with China employment law.

This one-day focused masterclass would deep dive into practical issues constantly facing regional HR and in-house counsel. They include but not limited to minimum statutory employment terms, M&A employee transfer, taxation for frequent employee mobility, strategically handling labour dispute during termination, office relocation legal process, and the legal nuances in Shanghai versus Beijing

Get ready to grab the law interpretation, learn from the case studies and become eloquent with China Employment Law to foster your workforce agility.

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Perceived as the country with high complex employment process, Indonesia law can pose roadblocks to foreign employer’s efficiency. Understand the compliance best practices can help to effectively seize the local workforce advantages. Participants can expect to learn Indonesia employment issues including taxation & mandated employment obligations, the new work permit eligibility, best practices to expedite termination & redundancy process, strategies for poor performance management as well as local HR practices.

Backed by fresh and hands-on case studies, together with interactive dialogue, this focused workshop promises to help you gain more control over workforce management in Indonesia.

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The one-day focused workshop will carefully cover latest employment issues in the Philippines including contingent workforce management (contract workers, part-time and freelancer) to optimise extended talent, proper termination and due diligence process to avoid disputes, minimum statutory employment terms and poor performance management strategies. Going beyond theoretical approach, the workshop also focuses on analysing recent case studies to ensure in-depth practical takeaways that you can apply in your next business day.

Capitalize this unique opportunity to stay abreast of Philippines employment compliant practices to fully leverage on the extended talent.

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Thailand has recently proposed latest amendments to the Labour Protection Act in 2017. Regional employers with offices in Thailand have demonstrated the need to stay updated on these changes. The workshop will draw clarification for latest labour law amendment and the impacts on employers, minimum statutory terms, payroll and tax computation, mandated employee compensation & benefits, foreign employee restriction, as well as the comprehensive due diligence for proper termination process to avoid costly litigation. It also addresses common pitfalls and misunderstood points in the law. The workshop paves the way for deeper understanding with interactive dialogues, recently added case studies and personalised one-on-one consultation.

A highly enrolled workshop over the years, hence make sure your team reserves a slot before it is full.

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