29 - 30 September 2016

Marco Polo HongKong Hotel
Hong Kong

Many HR functions still have an administrative focus and are running their HR Operations on outdated assumptions: “We have always done it this way”

In this constantly changing world, adhering to old practices leads to substantial risks. Managemet is often asking, “How are we doing?” However, this is not always an easy questio to answer. HR Audit is a process that sets the stage for a true transformation. It links the HR systems and services to organizational objectives while focusing on the business needs of internal customers.

Conducting HR Audit Masterclass will guide you through every step to objectively look at the company’s HR policies, practices, procedures and strategies to protect the company, establish best practices, and identify areas for improvements. This facilitator-led course includes a relevant practical workplace case scenario, which you will work through from beginning to resolution. This will provide a practical foundation for you to measure the effectiveness of your HR functions and programmes.

For more details, please email to: Dora Kwong or Randy Shi


25 – 26 October 2016


With a long list of disasters in which businesses have had to contend with in the 21st century, both natural and man-made, a great deal of attention has been paid to making crisis preparedness and response a key focus of their business continuity planning. Many organisations are taking a proactive approach to build resiliency into their business operations, but only few have fully addressed the human side of the crisis preparedness. A recent study conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) have shown that human resource disaster recovery plans are often not comprehensive enough to meet the needs of employees and the business in a time of crisis.

The Strategic Crisis Management & Communications Masterclass will delve into the risks related to human capital resiliency that could arise in any crisis and provide a practical framework for addressing them. The real-life case studies and interactive exercises are lined up to equip you with a comprehensive understanding of the principles, strategies and techniques of crisis management and communications to exercise greater leadership in a crisis situation

The masterclass will be delivered using a variety of tools and techniques, including lectures, case studies, videos, group discussions and exercises.

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About HRMAsia...

HRM Asia is a private limited company registered in Singapore since 2002. We specialise in dedicated HR magazines and world-class events providing an array of thought-leading HR discussion and information to the HR professionals in Singapore and across Asia.

Since its inception, HRM Asia has played an important part in connecting HR professionals across all sectors.

As time goes by, the market has changed drastically on how we connect with each other. In order for HRM Asia to keep up with such changes, HRM Asia is now able to provide Customized Events to meet the needs of our diverse HR community

Our Congress...

HRM Congress comprises a series of specialized, multi-day conference & workshop style training for management-level staff on core competencies in human resources. Encompassing a wide range of topics highly relevant to the current-day HR practice, it is specially crafted to fill the needs of all HR practitioners. Each congress/masterclass will equip attendees with specific skills and tools that will take their respective job function to the next level.

The congresses also provide an ideal platform for sponsor partners to meet, share knowledge and promote products and services to an extremely targeted group of HR and related business professionals. Furthermore, it enables sponsors to build a closer relationship with potential clients through the interactive and intimate sessions (targeted relationship building) as compared to other networking events.

Asia Employment Law Workshop Series

18 - 19 October
15 - 16 November


Employment law across the Asia-Paci c region is becoming increasingly complex. As new laws come into force, and as regulation increases, employees are becoming more sophisticated in their expectations and demands. From hiring policies to high-pro le dismissals, employment law often affects your business bottom-line and growth

If you have workforces in the Asia-Paci c region our employment law workshops will enable you to operate with con dence. Including Thailand, Philippines, China and Vietnam, our expert-led workshops will deliver cutting-edge insights and critical knowledge that relates the law and business culture to the realities of management. All our courses are led by practicing lawyers from the country in question, providing direct access to rst-class expertise.

For more details, please email to: Azrielle Looi

Leadership in HR Asia Congress 2016

4 – 5 October

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza

EEmerging Asian markets are indispensable for any firm with aggressive growth commitments. However, to capture the Asian Market depends, in large part, on the quantity and quality of Asia Leadership teams. Unfortunately, qualified leaders are in short supply in the region. While C-suites and boards in Asia recognize that leadership development is a key priority for their business, many do not have the capability to address the issues that come with it. The unique diverse markets within the region – with some more mature than others – poses specific challenges.

At Leadership in HR Asia, we have gathered HR Leaders from different industries to share their leadership experiences in HR as well astheir strategies for Leadership Development for the organisation.

For more details, please email to: Azrielle Looi

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Performance Management & Rewards

11 – 12 October 2016


The spectrum of performance management is changing from what it was only 10 years back. Following ground-breaking pioneers, for example, General Electric and Adobe, more organisations are concentrating on organisational objectives as opposed to employee metrics. The conventional strategies based on data for assessment have been known to be obsolete. Hence many organisations are expected to embrace new strategies for aligning performance management that focuses more on talent development instead of just performance per say.

HRM Asia is Excited to Launch Our Inaugural Congress on Performance Management & Rewards.

This congress will highlight why traditional performance management and compensation and benefits methodologies are evolving and need to be reviewed. Performance Management & Rewards play a critical role in ensuring a higher level of employee engagement and productivity, especially during times of economic uncertainty.

For more details, please email to: Luke Lai

Employee Engagement & Experience Congress 2016

16 – 17 November 201

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza

According to Aon Hewitt’s 2016 Trends in Global Employee Engagement survey, the average employee engagement score in Asia Pacific has risen by 5% compared to last year. However, employees in Singapore are less engaged this year than their Asia Pacific counterparts.

The score in Singapore rose by only 3 points--from 60% to 63%. At a time when leaders are challenged to drive better business performance through their people, this seems like a major respite. HR leaders now need to reflect about engaging employees

  • Do engaged employees mean better retention, higher productivity and/ or better organisation performance?
  • How can you use engagement data in a more meaningful way?
  • What are the new trends and frameworks for employee engagement that are working?
  • What new technology can be used to further enhance engagement?

For more details, please email to: Azrielle Looi

Compensation & Benefits Masterclass

3 – 4 November 2016


This course is designed to help experienced compensation and benefits professionals and HR leaders think more strategically about their total rewards (Compensation & Benefits) programmes.

It is critical for every organisation to align its Total Rewards Strategy to the Business Strategy – so that the right people are attracted, retained, remain engaged and motivated.

In this course, participants will learn the most common and effective approaches, methods and practices in the areas of job evaluation and the elements of Total Rewards. On the second day, we turn to strategy, how to determine what will be most effective for their unique organisation. Participants will learn how to evaluate their total rewards, and better align their total rewards “mix” to match their current and future workforce needs, getting the most value for their payroll and related investments.

For more details, please email to: Luke Lai

Employee Performance Management Masterclass

10 – 11 November 2016


This course will clarify key, specific, detailed concepts and will provide practical tools and techniques for implementing, maintaining or improving your organisations employee performance management system. Attendees will gain exposure to best practices in the field of performance management and will learn how to establish and use criteria for evaluating performance

Three Business Benefits Of Attending This Masterclass:

  • Enhance employee responsibility and productivity by implementing effective performance evaluations
  • Ensure an impartial treatment of employees through appraisals based on results and successful communication management
  • Tighten the link between strategic objectives and day-to-day actions, by focusing on results, thus improving organisational performance and business profits.

For more details, please email to: Luke Lai